About Us

The world population is expected to reach 9.7 Billion by 2050 -by United Nations

With the world's population on a steady rise, there is a pressing need for the right products that improve health through the means of better nutrition.

Who We Are ?

N-Right was conceived and launched by the parent company Ram-Nath & Co during the year 2014. Ram-Nath has a rich and proud history of over seven decades of being in the chemical business. N-Right was launched with the sole purpose of developing innovative products that give a new dimension in the field of Animal and Human nutrition.

What We Do ?

We at N-Right are committed to providing the right amount of our core values to our customers.

Team NRight is well equipped in the arena of Animal and Human Nutrition with extensive experience and domain knowledge. With our wide National and International Net-work with the Scientific and Business fraternity,our primary goal is to add value by providing better health and wellness to our customer's lives and businesses